4 Best Types of Roofing Materials for Florida Homes

20When you need to replace your roof, you are wise to research and explore options. Asphalt isn’t a great option when it comes to roofing materials for Florida homes. Aside from asphalt, however, there isn’t one exclusive best option. The truth is that roofing materials vary, as do their benefits. In this post, Di Pasqua Construction Inc. reviews four of the best.

4 Best Types of Roofing Materials for Florida Homes

Clay Tile Roofing

Clay tiles are often the go-to roofing material for Florida weather. Not only do they withstand sun and high heat, but clay tile roofs can also manage humidity levels well. Moreover, clay roofing is durable enough to maintain its integrity for a good 50 years. The roofing material is ideal for the hot, humid Florida climate. Finally, the tiles are aesthetically appealing and popular in many Florida architectural styles. It’s easy to see why many choose this option when re-roofing homes. 

Concrete Tiles

Some homes aren’t able to withstand the weight of clay tiles. If this is your situation, you may find that concrete tiles are a solid alternative. Manufacturers often design concrete tiles to mimic the appearance of cedar shake, slate tiles, and even wood stakes. Therefore, they’re aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to mimicking other roof materials, concrete tiles are not as susceptible to rot like other types of roofs usually are, which is an added benefit. Like clay tiles, concrete tiles withstand Florida’s hot climate. Finally, they are also environmentally friendly.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are an excellent choice for Florida homes because they reflect the sunlight. Reflecting sunlight means your home stays reasonably cool during hot seasons. Metal roofing may even help to reduce energy costs during those hot, steamy Florida days. In addition, the material is lighter than clay or concrete tiles, making them perfect for most residential construction projects. Due to these factors and the fact they are resistant to mold and moss, metal roofs tend to last around 50 years.

Slate Roofs

If you want a roof that will outlast all others, go with slate. It’s durable and resistant to harsh rains, insects, and even mildew. In fact, Mother Nature can throw quite a lot at a slate roof, and it will be able to take it. In addition to durability, slate roofs also offer versatility. In other words, you can choose from various colors, which makes slate roofs a popular choice. 

Roofing Services in Fort Lauderdale

Clay, concrete, metal, and slate are some of the best roofing materials for Florida homes. We hope you find the information helpful. If you need roofing repairs or new roof construction, Di Pasqua Construction Inc. is here to help. For more information, Fort Lauderdale residents can call (561) 275-2406 or request a free quote.

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